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A garden of natural beauty

Carol-Ann Granatstein
Photography by
Angus Mcritchie

Sometimes the beauty of a landscape is best served by letting nature run its course; with the gentle guidance of a wise gardener

The lawn-free garden has one very important quality for Sally and Alan: lack of noise. There are no lawn mowers to disturb the pristine quiet on this hillside property. "We spend our whole life out there in the summer-every meal is eaten on our screened porch, and we love the stillness," says Sally.

ledge1.gifHowever, the dearth of grass does not necessarily mean no maintenance. An organic care program often brings Sally to her knees—literally. "The weeds love growing in all the moss; it's the perfect environment," she says resignedly, adding that the river rock on the driveway seems to attract the unwelcome vegetation as much as the moss. Thankfully, she can enlist the help of her friend Wayne, who weeds, deadheads and generally helps maintain the property.

As for irrigation, the one-acre pond is a convenient source of water, as is the water collected from the roof in a rain barrel. To keep the pond clean, the Websters add Bacta-Pur, a product containing bacteria that eat the algae along the bottom, a result of leaves and other vegetation accompanying the water flow.

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