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Against the odds in Dawson Creek

Sara Begg
Photography by
Jerry Pavia

Packed with blooms, this Zone 2 
garden defies the elements and basks in its own colourful glory

against-odds-ch2inset2.jpgAnita’s keys to success
  • Uses both manure and pea straw as mulch, layering the combination on once a year and leaving it in place through the growing season.
  • Adds gypsum to each planting hole to help combat the heavy clay soil.
  • Gives her hardy geraniums a heavy pruning when they look ratty. They bounce back after just a few days.
  • Stakes her delphiniums sooner rather than later—both for the plants and for aesthetics.
  • Installed a deer fence to keep deer and moose out of the garden. After years of trying everything from soap to urine, Anita finds it’s the only thing that’s effective.

Anita’s garden favourites
Bellflowers: Campanula persicifolia ‘Chettle Charm’

Dianthus ‘Ideal Select Violet’, D. barbatus ‘Sooty’, D. plumarias ‘Ipswich Pinks’ 
and ‘Telstar’

Delphinium Dusky Maidens Group, 
D. ‘Pagan Purples’;

New millennium series: D. elatum ‘Blushing Brides’, ‘Green Twist’, ‘Royal Aspirations’ and ‘Sunny Skies’

Hardy geraniums:
Geranium ‘Brookside’, Rozanne geranium (G. ‘Gerwat’), Summer Skies geranium (G. pratense ‘Gernic’),

Peonies: Paeonia lactiflora ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ and 
‘Red Charm’

Black Lace elder (Sambucus nigra ‘Eva’),  ‘Golden Locks’ and ‘Sutherland Gold’

Photo inset: ‘Chettle Charm’ is Anita’s favourite bellflower.

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