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Home & Garden makeover contest results


"Since the pile was rather large to move, I decided to flatten and stretch by raking a lot of the soil into a berm – or some said – a beached whale! To make it look less like a beached whale I lengthen across and up both sides of the area into a continuous garden bed so the area began to look like a waverly U. The berm part is only along the flagstone walkway to the steps so until you climb the steps, you don't really see what is on the other side. I added a couple of small beds inside the U, built an arbour at the bottom of the U, and added a wattle fence along the spiraea shrubs next to the road for added privacy. You may note one of the added beds is ringed with stone. Not being able to lift some of the rocks that had been dug up by the excavator, I nudged them into a circle with a crowbar, filled with soil and planted a forsythia . I planted the berm with tulips and daffodils for spring interest. Summer it has poppies and lupines in bloom and for the fall there are the grasses and asters. Mixed throughout are coneflowers, blanket flower, sneezeweed, daisies, gaura, agastache, plus various annuals to provide continuous colour and interest all season long. For the garden area that stretches out from the berm, I have a combination of biannual, annuals and perennials. Mixed in with them are white birch, cedar, ninebark, sea buckthorn, artic willow, and a cherry tree. All are still very small, but doing well. It is still a work in progress and as things grow, I will be modifying as I see fit. I spend 2006 preparing the berm, planting the grasses, and making the two small beds inside the U. 2007 I added the spring bulbs, more perennials and started the lower and part of the other side of the U. 2008 I built the arbour, fence and added the upper arm of the U and planted many more plants."

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