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Home & Garden makeover contest results

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Home & Garden makeover contest results


"One day when browsing ideas at a stoneyard for our back patio, a display board featuring Travertine Marble caught our eye. We knew it would look stunning in our small backyard and would act as the perfect background for the rest of our garden. With absolutely no experience in laying patio stones, we plunged right in - but not before researching installation techniques, materials and talking to a lot of people in-the-know! We also decided to test the waters on our front walkway first, so we could get some practice in before starting our masterpiece. It was backbreaking work and many a night we ate cereal for dinner, but the results were beyond our expectations. Once we had the patio done, the rest of the landscaping just seemed to fall into place. We're proud of our accomplishment - especially considering we were novices - and have enjoyed the end result all summer long. And of course, we've graduated from bowls of cereal to barbeques for dinner!"

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