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Laid back, lavish gardens at Ste. Anne's Country Inn and Spa

Enjoy pampering for the body and the eye at this country paradise

Top tips from the dynamic duo behind Ste. Anne's luxurious gardens:

In addition to springtime planting, Debbie Turk and Darlene O'Connor like to install new perennials and divide their old ones in the autumn when the cooler soil temperatures will encourage more fresh root growth.

Deadhead. Deadhead. Deadhead. That's the absolute best way to ensure there are continous blooms in both perennials and annuals, without the work of replanting or the expense of buying new plants.

Be wary of gardening gifts; a present can soon turn into a pain. "If someone wants to share a plant with you," says Darlene, "it's often because the plant is invasive and they already have too much."

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Main photo: The view looking back to the main inn reveals a lush, meandering natural landscape that has developed over time with very little attention from the two gardeners. Inset photo: The view before intervention

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