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Perfect symmetry in a Montreal garden

Bethany Lyttle
Photography by
Angus McRitchie

An elegant outdoor space effortlessly balances a formal framework with an informal attitude

How to create harmony
To create a garden that’s both formal and informal, Stuart Webster of Webster Design recommends the following:

  • Create a focal point that’s in keeping with the directional axes of your house and property lines.
Divide the space in your yard carefully and systematically. This doesn’t have to be difficult or elaborate, it just has to be thoughtful and planned.
Keep stone joints and walkways 
neat and proportional. Use them 
to guide the eye through the space.
Plant with four seasons of colour 
and texture in mind.
Use large brush strokes of colourful low-maintenance perennials to 
lend an informal touch.
Emphasize the vertical elements 
of a house, such as columns, with evergreens. They’ll also provide interest in winter.
Plan outward from the garden’s centre. The further you go from 
the centre, the more relaxed your plantings can be.

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