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Wonders of a fall garden

Lyn Tremblay
Photography by
Donna Griffith

At Cranberry Creek Gardens in Lynedoch, Ontario, a beautiful autumn garden frames a heritage farmhouse


"Light plays a very important part on this property," says Jody." The early morning comes quickly and you've got to be an early riser to catch that first light; you can easily sleep through it. But the evening lifht is the most dramatic." According to Jody, the best time to view his garden is when he's had time to hand-prune all of the evergreens. "When everything is groomed, and you come out here about 7:30 at, it's stunning!

Top image taken by Jody Bodnar: The view changes with the mood swings of autumn. One day, colours are strikingly brilliant in an atmosphere free from the haze of summer's humidity; on another, the gardens stretch out to where the sun reflects on dark purple storm clouds above the distant tobacco kilns bordering the fields of a neighbouring farm. 



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