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12 ideas for your edible garden

Amanda Etty

Creative ways to grow fruits, vegetables and herbs whether you have a big garden or a balcony with pots

7. Think outside the pots
Make attractive con­tainers for individual plants with recycled tin cans and jars. Wash and dry the jar or can, then drill holes in the bottom for good drainage.

8. Mix edibles and ornamentals
Combine practical and pretty: In addition to being beautiful, flowers draw pollinators and beneficial insects (such as ladybugs) to your garden that can help control the bad pests.

9. Create a border
To add structure to your vegetable garden, plant a border. Boxwood was used here, but it can be high maintenance. Try lavender or germander, which have similar growing requirements to a vegetable garden.

10. Make your own markers
With so many distinctive heirloom varieties available these days, be sure to identify your plants so you can keep track of what you’d like to plant again next year. Get creative with Popsicle sticks—washed and dried, they make excellent markers and are a fun project for kids.

11. Let them climb

A surprising array of annual crops—pole beans and peas especially—are well suited to growing vertically with the support of a trellis. Vertical plantings take up less ground space and can be used to cover up unattractive siding on your house.

12. Keep out pests
Use a sheet of thin-gauge chicken wire to deter pests from digging up your seeds before they sprout.

Photo: Diane Labombarbe/istock


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