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A front yard vegetable garden

Karen Bertelsen
Photography by
Donna Griffith

Avid gardener Karen Bertelsen turns her front yard into a bountiful vegetable garden.

Karen's best bounty
By using square foot gardening – the method of planting intensively in a small area – Karen was able to make the most of her 12-square-metre front yard garden. "Over a one-month period, I had transformed my overgrown front yard into a walk out produce department"

Not only did I have people stopping in their tracks again, but I also had many of them telling me that they were planning on doing the very same thing the next year. It was no longer an eyesore. It was no longer a hazard. It was now an inspiration. And, best of all, it was fulfilling, which I could never say about the roses – no matter how many of them I ate!

Some of Karen's impressive list of produce includes; beets, 'Lacinato' curly dinosaur kale, tomatoes, 'Bright Lights' swiss chard, bell peppers, celery, 'Delicata' sweet potato squash and strawberries.

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