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Add a strawberry patch to your garden

How to enjoy one of the season's first harvests in your own backyard

Planting systems

Matted row
Suitable for Junebearers. Requires least amount of work, but plants become crowded and more susceptible to disease and poor yields.

Measurements: 1.2 metres from left to right and 45 to 60 cm vertically between plants.

Allow runners to grow freely and produce daughter plants. After harvest, mow foliage, setting mower to 2.5 cm above crowns. Rake away leaves and fertilize.

Spaced matted row
Suitable for Junebearers. More work than matted system but higher yields, larger berries and less disease.

Plant in same pattern as matted row, but thin out runners so daughter plants only form 20 cm apart, removing all others in between.

Best for dayneutrals and everbearers. Most labour-intensive, but ensures the best yield.

Measurements: The walkway down the middle is 1.2 metres across. There is 30 cm between plants.

Plant in rows of two or three, separated by a walkway. Remove all runners except when daughter plants are to be used to create a new patch.

Illustrations by Mar Murube/Three in a Box


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