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Finessing the fig

Judith Adam
Photography by
Yvonne Duivenvoorden

With a little extra attention, Canadian growers can enjoy the dark, delicious delights of figs


All figs are adaptable to containers; the following cultivars are particularly recommended for short northern growing seasons:

‘Bifara' Five-centimetre, purple fruit.

‘Brown Turkey' Cold-tolerant, large purple-brown fruit, pink flesh.

(‘Blue Celeste') Cold-tolerant, light purple skin, intensely sweet, good for drying, ripens early.

‘Desert King' (‘King') Green-yellow skin, pink flesh, sweet and rich.

‘Italian Honey' (‘Italian Golden Honey', ‘Lattarula', ‘Blanche')
Medium to large, yellow-green skin; very sweet honey flavour.

‘Kadota' Large, yellow-green skin, amber flesh.

‘Marseilles' Five-centimetre fruit, slightly ribbed skin, yellow-white when ripe.

‘Natalina' Abundant small purple fruit, very sweet.

‘Osborn Prolific'
Bronze-brown skin, amber flesh, sweet and rich, very productive.

‘Peter's Honey' Two crops per season, very productive; amber fruit.

‘Violette De Bourdeaux' (‘Negronne')
Cold-tolerant, purple-black skin, light pink flesh. One large crop in early fall.

‘White Fig' (‘Golden Alma', ‘Alma', ‘Italian White') Cold-tolerant, upright form, good patio plant. Resistant to rust and fungus. Lemon-sized, gold-green fruit; amber-pink flesh.


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