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Grow nutrient-rich food plants to their full potential with this helpful guide.

Organic materials are rich sources of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and also include a wide spectrum of important micronutrients. These fertilizers slowly release and are unlikely to burn plant roots or shoots. Want to know the secret to making good compost? Here are the best ones for growing healthy super foods:

Compost basics
Made from green and brown plant debris and aged manure (made from composted animal wastes). use as a soil conditioner and mild broad spectrum fertilizer, digging it into vegetable beds in any season.

Alfalfa meal or pellets
Contain approximately a 3-1-2 nutrient analysis and the plant growth stimulant triacontanol. use a half cup in planting holes, or make a tea of one cup alfalfa to five litres of water.

Kelp meal or folair drench
Made from cold water seaweed, and contains basic plant foods, many micronutrients and plant growth hormones (cytokinins, gibberellins, auxins). Dig the meal into soil or apply liquid concentrate as a foliar drench to plants any time during the growing season.

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