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Juicy fruits: Pick fresh peaches and pears

Maribeth Fitts
Photography by
Gibson & Smith

Enjoy the ripe goodness of these homegrown summer treats

Peach picks
Peach cultivars can be selected to extend the harvest season. Choose early, mid-season and late cultivars to enjoy harvested fruit for at least one month, according to Neil Miles, former peach breeder with the University of Guelph.

  • Early: 'Brighton', 'Garnet Beauty', 'Harrow Diamond'
  • Mid-season: 'Harrow Fair', 'Redhaven'
  • Late: 'Cresthaven', 'Harcrest', 'Madison', 'Vanity'

Pear picks
There are a number of new varieties available, but many of the old, familiar names are still the most reliable and winter hardy, according to Ken Slingerland, tender fruit specialist with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food. They are generally grafted by the nursery onto standard 'Bartlett' rootstock or sometimes dwarf quince rootstock.
  • 'Bartlett'
  • 'Bosc'
  • 'Flemish Beauty'
  • 'Anjou'
  • 'Giffard'
  • 'Clapp's Favourite'

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