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Pepped-up potatoes

Judith Adam
Photography by
Yvonne Duivenvoorden

These spuds are easy to grow and beat the taste of grocery store potatoes hands-down

Early season (70-90 days)

‘Carlton' (New Brunswick, 1982)
oval; creamy-white flesh, buff skin; shallow eyes
Plants medium*, spreading; pale purple to white flowers; prominent golden anthers. Harvest promptly to avoid hollow heart; use for boiling.

‘Dark Red Norland' (1957)
oblong; smooth, red skin, white flesh
Plants medium to large; purple flowers. A deep red selection of ‘Norland'; resistant to scab, rhizoctonia (black scurf), leaf roll and potato viruses A and Y; use for boiling, frying.

‘Pacific Russet' (2002 to 2003)
Tubers oblong; white flesh, russet skin;
shallow eyes
Plants medium, compact; white flowers. Recent variety; use for boiling, baking

Mid-season (90-110 days)

‘All Red' (1984)
round to oval; smooth, bright red skin, rosy pink flesh
Plants medium; white to lilac flowers. Holds dusky rose colour when cooked; use for boiling, mashing, roasting

‘Cherokee' (1940) 
Tubers round; white flesh, pale yellow skin
Plants medium; white flowers. High-yielding; some resistance to scab; adaptable to different soils; use for baking, boiling, frying.

‘Chieftain' (1957)
Tubers oval; white flesh, bright red skin
Plants medium, upright; large, light violet flowers. High-yielding; moderately resistant to scab, rhizoctonia and late blight; use for boiling, frying.

‘Kennebec' (1941) 
Tubers oval; white flesh, buff skin
Plants erect, can grow very large; white flowers. Good for long storage; resistant to late blight, black leg, potato viruses A and Y and common scab; highly susceptible to verticillium wilt; tolerates drought; all-purpose.

‘Purple Viking' (year unknown)
round; white flesh, purple skin
Plants medium; purple flowers. Some resistance to scab; use for baking, boiling.

‘Red pontiac' (1931)
oblong to round; white flesh, rosy red skin (sometimes netted with fine lines); medium-deep eyes
Plants large; light purple flowers. Stores well; harvest in late autumn when skins are well set; all-purpose.

‘Viking' (1953) 
Tubers round; white flesh, light red skin
Plants medium, upright; pink flowers. Some resistance to scab; tolerant of excessive wind, moisture or drought; use for boiling, baking.

‘Yukon Gold' (Ontario, 1966) 
Tubers oval; yellow flesh, buff skin; pink eyes
Plants large, upright; violet flowers. Distinctive, rich flavour; resistant to sprouting during long storage; resistant to leaf roll and potato virus A; use for boiling, baking, frying.

Late season (110-130 days)

‘French Fingerling' (pre-1900) 
Tubers larger than but not as slender as ‘Russian Banana', oblong; light yellow flesh, pink skin
Plants tall; pale violet flowers. High-yielding; use for boiling

‘Island Sunshine' (Prince Edward Island, 1984)
round; dark yellow flesh, rough, yellow skin
Plants medium; blue-lavender flowers. Stores well; resistant to late blight; use for boiling, baking.

‘Russian Banana' (pre-1900)
banana-shaped; pale yellow flesh, yellow skin
Plants medium; lavender flowers. High-yielding; superstar of fingerlings, easiest to grow; waxy texture, doesn't fall apart when boiled or steamed; moderately resistant to scab and late blight; stores well; use for boiling.

‘Russian Blue' (pre-1900)
round to oblong; violet-blue flesh, purple-blue skin
Plants large, semi-erect; blue flowers. High-yielding; space plants 40 centimetres apart; one of the latest-harvesting varieties; stores well; use for baking.

*Plant size Small = 45 cm h x 30 cm w Medium= 70 cm h x 45 cm w Large= 90 cm h x 60 cm w


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