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Heather Apple
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Roger Yip

Zesty greens to sow and grow from arugula to ornamental cabbage

Coveted cultivars

  • ‘Joseph's Coat' - variegated red, green and gold leaves


  • ‘Vit' - mildew-resistant
  • ‘Coquille de Louviers' - drought-tolerant
  • ‘Verte d'Etampes' - drought-tolerant


  • ‘Osaka Purple'
  • ‘Giant Red'
  • ‘Southern Giant Curled' - frilly, bright green leaves
  • ‘Kyoto Mizuna'

Ornamental cabbage and kale

  • ‘Tokyo Mixed' and ‘Osaka Mixed' - pink, red or white leaves in the centre, green on the outside
  • ‘White Peacock' - long, serrated leaves, creamy white in the centre
  • ‘Red Peacock' - long, serrated leaves, rose-pink in the centre
  • ‘Nagoya Mixed' - kale white, rose or red inner leaves, green outer leaves


The Cook's Garden, ‘Mizuna', ‘Vit', ‘Coquille', ‘D'Etampes', ‘Red Giant', ‘Southern Giant Curled', red orach, purslane.

Early's Farm & Garden Centre, arugula, ‘Red Leaf'

Halifax Seed, arugula, watercress.

Johnny's Selected Seeds, ‘Joseph's Coat' syn. ‘Tricolor', ‘Nagoya', ‘Red Peacock', ‘White Peacock', arugula, purslane.

Richters Herbs, ‘Red Giant', ‘Joseph's Coat', ‘Mizuna', ‘Osaka Purple', ‘Southern Giant Curled', arugula.

Veseys Seeds Ltd., arugula, corn salad/mâche, Upland cress, ‘Red Giant'.

West Coast Seeds, ‘Upland Broadleaf', watercress, purslane.



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