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Six season-extending veggies

Stephen Westcott-Gratton
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Stacey Van Berkel

Sow a second crop of cool-season favourites in mid to late summer for delicious fall crops

Leaf lettuce
Another cool-season crop, lettuce tends to bolt when summer highs consistently top 21°C. Fortunately, high-yielding leaf lettuce matures quickly so there’s still time to enjoy a bountiful second harvest once the worst of the summer heat has passed—picking the outside leaves of heat-tolerant loose-leaf types begins long before the plant’s maturity date.

Lettuce seed sown in mid- to late summer at two week intervals will supply you with salad greens until autumn; sow your final crop about 35 days before the first expected frost date in your region. Because lettuce is mostly water, it’s intolerant of drought; water regularly during dry spells.

Quick tip: Lettuce should be harvested regularly and frequently: Once plants have matured they quickly lose their flavour and nutritive value.

Loose-leaf lettuces for late-summer and autumn harvests (43 to 55 days)

  • 'Bergam’s Green'
  • 'Blackjack'
  • 'Green Salad Bowl'
  • 'New Red Fire'


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