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Turn your front yard into a vegetable garden

Transform your front yard into a bountiful vegetable garden with these 4 helpful tips from Karen Bertelsen.

A few summers ago, Karen Bertelsen noticed her front yard was looking a bit scraggly. The variety of shrubs and flowers had outgrown their welcome and it was then that she decided to transform her space and plant a vegetable garden.

Photography by Karen Bertelsen

The big decision
I didn't give a single thought as to whether what I was doing was legal. I was removing ornamental plants and putting in edible plants. It's not like I was removing edible plants and putting in poisonous plants and inviting neighbourhood kids over to have a taste." Luckily, Karen didn't have any problems with her municipality or any of her neighbours. But she says that was just luck.

Thinking of starting your own front yard vegetable garden? Karen shares 4 helpful tips that you should keep in mind.

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