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Unbeatable eggplant

Judith Adam
Photography by
Yvonne Duivenvoorden

Choose one or more of these violet-hued veggies that are as delectable as they are ornamental

Modern hybrids

Here are some more modern hybrids, which were developed after the initial breakthrough:

  • ‘Bride'
    58 days, mauve-and-white-striped; long, cylindrical; 20 x 4 cm
  • ‘Classy Chassis'
    68 days; deep purple; bell-shaped; 20 x 10 cm
  • ‘Ghostbuster'
    80 days; pure white; cyl.; 15-20 cm x 7.5 cm
  • ‘Green Giant Early'
    62 days; lime-hued; bell-shaped; 12-15 cm x 7.5 to 10 cm
  • ‘Italian Pink Bicolor'
    75 days; mauve-white; bell-shaped; 20 x 12 cm
  • ‘Lavender Touch'
    63 days; white with lavender flush; cyl.; 20 x 7.5 cm
  • ‘Louisiana Long Green'
    65 days; lime green; long, cyl.; 23 x 5 cm
  • ‘Millionaire'
    55 days; glossy black; long, cyl.; 25 cm long x 5 cm wide
  • ‘Neon'
    65 days; fuchsia pink with bright green calyx; semi-cyl.; 20 x 7.5 cm
  • ‘Night Shadow'
    75 days; jet-black; glossy, teardrop-shaped fruit; 20-25 cm x 10 cm
  • ‘Orient Charm'
    65 days; fluorescent pink; long, cyl.; 20-25 cm x 5-7.5 cm
  • ‘Rosita'
    68 days; rose pink; long, cyl.; 20 x 5 cm
  • ‘Zebra'
    70 days; purple-and-white-striped; teardrop; 20 cm x 7.5-10 cm

Container cultivars
Eggplants are well suited to container growing. Dwarf plants with edible miniature fruit are charming on sunny patios and decks, or grown in a pot by the steps.

  • ‘Calliope’ (64 days) is an oval-shaped, white-and-purple-streaked eggplant with a high 
yield of 7.5- to 10-centimetre-long fruit.
  • Compact ‘Kermit’ (60 days) produces even smaller, round, five-centimetre fruit, with a white blossom end and deep green striped shoulders.
  • ‘Baby Bell’ (also called ‘Bambino’) is 
a true miniature plant, 25 centimetres tall and ideal for 15-centimetre pots, and produces jet-black, five-centimetre, oval berries in 55 days.
  • ‘Fairy Tale’ (49 days) is a beautiful All-America Selections 2005 winner, growing to 
45 centimetres tall with purple-and-white-striped, elongated, 10-centimetre fruit.

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