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A fuss-free yard with shade-loving plants

Christy Wright
Photography by
Donna Griffith

An overgrown yard becomes a relaxing yard that's made for entertaining


Choosing shade-friendly plants
“Because the house is south-facing, the yard doesn’t get a lot of sun, especially at the back and on the west side,” says Jackie. So after visiting many garden centres and enlisting the help of her stepmother, a serious green thumb, Jackie decided on a variety of shade-friendly plants, such as coleus, blue-leaved hostas and Virginia creeper. For pops of colour, she selected a mix of blooms, including purple alliums and even peonies. “Peonies are my all-time favourite and I’m actually surprised they grow here, but I think it’s because we planted them at a perfect angle to get just enough sun.”

With the three zones now in place, and a space that takes care of itself most of the time, the couple is more than happy with the results. “Each section flows into the next,” says Jackie. “So at any given moment, we’re ready to entertain or just sit back and enjoy a great downtown oasis.”

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