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A fuss-free yard with shade-loving plants

Christy Wright
Photography by
Donna Griffith

An overgrown yard becomes a relaxing yard that's made for entertaining


Made in the shade: Jackie Charest’s 6 perfect plantings for shady spots

1. Peony: Jackie’s favourite flowers get just enough sun to thrive in the mostly shady garden.

2. Tuberous begonia: “Direct sun is not required to enjoy these beautiful and colourful blooms.”

3. Old-fashioned bleeding heart: “They grow quickly, bloom early and love the shade.”

4. Clematis: Try a twining shade-friendly cultivar that provides a garden with vertical interest.

5. Fern: “They are incredibly sturdy and I love how the tones of green vary from fern to fern.”

6. Hydrangea “I love these because they’re hardy, survive anything and provide fresh-cut flowers for indoors and out.”


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