Gardens - Shade Gardens

A lush landscape on a shady lot

Bethany Lyttle
Photography by
Thomas Fricke

A couple overcomes a challenging climate to create a garden full of texture and tone

A gracious mountainash (Sorbus spp.) is the perfect hideaway for neighbourhood children AJ and Emma, while a bench nestled underneath provides a lazy spot for sharing secrets. Statuary: Bruce Head.
“All of the seating is placed to take in a specific—and different—view of the garden,” explains Doris Mae. Hardly content to stop gardening at the yard’s edge, Doris Mae created winding and circular gardens along the boulevard, the sunniest spot available to her in this elm-shaded neighbourhood. Cobblestone Kit: Lee Valley Tools.

Lawn is over-rated,” says Doris Mae. “And mowing is not rewarding.” While the front yard features wide, curving beds of hostas and Japanese iris, the meditation garden is floored with pebbles and lined with leafy ferns to offer a tranquil escape. Twin herons and a pair of trellises mark the entry to this contemplative space. Herons: Bruce Head. 

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