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Plan and plant a cutting garden

Beckie Fox
Photography by
Roger Yip

Devote some space to beautiful blooms that you can snip for homegrown bouquets


Feeding, watering and weeding

Young plants from cell packs and those started indoors get a dose of transplanter solution when they get moved into a bed. Direct-sown seedlings are fed with a phosphorus-rich, water-soluble fertilizer when they’re about 10 centimetres tall, and everything gets another boost midway through the season.

Soaker hoses laid on top of the soil deliver water to the root zones. My network of hoses is attached to a timer, so I can leave for several days and not worry about thirsty plants.

It’s no surprise that well-cultivated, nutrient-rich soil is a haven for weeds. While close planting does have the benefit of shading soil, it makes laying down mulch problematic, which I also don’t want shifting up against plant stems, where it could induce rot. Without mulch, weeding is a weekly activity, but young weeds are easy to remove.

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