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Build a mini water garden oasis

Christina Selby
Photography by
Mark Burstyn

These three potted ponds are sure to inspire you to add your own soothing water feature to your space

A grassy fountain (as shown above)
The 46-centimetre-diameter by 61-centimetre-deep pot had a drainage hole that I filled with plumber’s putty. Then I inserted a pond liner and cut to fit. (Alternatively, spray the inside with a ceramic sealer to prevent the pot from absorbing water.)

three-potted-ponds-d1.jpgInstall the pump, then cover it with a plastic pot with a notch cut to accommodate the pump’s power cable. Any plastic pot will do as long as it’s the right height and there’s a drainage hole to thread the pump tubing through. Pull the cable through and drape it over the side of the container. Then place the smaller ceramic pot (which has also been sealed or lined) on top of the plastic pot and pull the tubing through its drainage hole.

At this point, you should check the water flow. Most pumps have a lever that controls how quickly the water moves through, and you won’t be able to reach it once the top pot is installed. The type of pump attachment (which controls flow at the end of the tubing) will also affect the water speed. Movement through a straight attachment is faster than movement through one with smaller holes.

three-potted-ponds-d2.jpgFill the smaller pot to its top edge with pebbles or marbles. This will conceal the pump’s hardware and keep the attachment in place.

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