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Water lily planting secrets

How to transplant a new beauty safely into your pond

Planting a new water lily
water-lily-step1.jpg1. Choose either round or square containers made for pond plants. Half fill with ordinary garden soil or a mix specially for water plants. Remove water lily from pot, gently spread roots and set firmly on soil. Make sure crown sits well above the surface.

water-lily-step2.jpg2. Water soil and let settle. Add more soil over roots and around crown, which should remain just above the surface. Water and allow to settle again, then check crown is still at the right level. Push three fertilizer tablets, formulated for pond plants, five centimetres deep into soil. (Afterwards, Thomson recommends fertilizing once a month with one tablet for every four litres of soil.)

water-lily-step3.jpg3. To help hold soil in place and protect water lily’s crown, add a top layer of pea gravel at least 2.5 centimetres thick.

water-lily-step4.jpg4. Carefully lower basket into pond. Depending on the variety, hardy water lilies need 15 to 60 centimetres of water over their crowns; tropicals prefer a depth of 15 to 40 centimetres. Set container on bricks or pavers on bottom of pond to achieve the right height.


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