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March 2010 Issue:

Great growing guide

115 Ideas to plant your best garden yet; Know your zone and plant what works; Potting shed essentials; How to draw a garden plan; Easy ideas for organic food; 73 must-have plants and more!

Table of Contents


Everything you need to inspire you to even greater gardening heights this year, from nursery shopping tips to ways to salvage your soil to recipes from an organic farm 

11 Potting shed essentials
Our list for this year’s must-have gardening products

14 A few of my favourite things
Editor-at-large Stephen Westcott-Gratton gives us the dirt on his most-loved plants

18 Gardening by the book
Vintage tomes yield a surfeit of wisdom

24 Buy better blooms
Smart tips for surefire success at your local garden centre

26 Food from the earth
We visit an idyllic retreat with an organic farm at its centre and an emphasis on fresh-picked goodness at its heart

37 Get the dirt
Garden success starts in the earth. Learn how to get your soil in tip-top shape

40 Nature study
For something a little different, we take a whimsical look at some of the other life that may be growing in our own backyards

44 The big sleep
Just like people, plants need their rest, too


Our primer for getting the best out of your garden, whether it’s keeping all your blooms flourish­ing as long as possible, or just getting your ideas down on paper

53 Change of scene
Use our four-season primer to keep your garden growing strong

62 No-fail flowering
Never-ending blooms are the sweet reward with our all-season planting plan

66 All in good time
An abundant garden reveals its beauty all year round

80 Draw up a garden plan on paper
10 steps to design the space of your dreams


From our cheat sheet for under­standing gardeners’ Latin to saving money on plants, we’ve got tips and techniques to keep your gardening skills sharp all year long

83 Force spring bulbs

84 Decipher gardeners' Latin

86 Know what you grow

87 Grow your garden on a budget

88 Know what’s stressing your plants

88 Organize a plant sale

89 Know who to call

89 Build a patchwork plot

90 Measure your garden's conditions

90 Get ready to move

91 Share your fare

92 Read a zone map

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