How to - Gardening Basics

10 garden lingo lessons from Frankie Flowers

Frank Ferragine

Our beginner gardening guru explains common plant terminology

A plant with soft—or non-woody—stems, herbaceous perennials like sedums and campanulas will generally die back to the ground and regrow every season from the root. 

A pesticide that combats the adults, eggs and larvae of destructive insects in your garden. Look for solutions with minimal impact to you and the environment. When in doubt, choose products that say natural or organic on the label.

Treatment for the control of weeds. While non-selective herbicides can control all plant types, look for selective herbicides to control only your broad-leafed weeds.

Deadheading is the removal of spent or finished flowers on annuals and perennials to encourage future buds and extend the blooming season a bit longer. Plants like peonies and Shasta daisies should be deadheaded just below the flower, while other long-stemmed flowers like coral bells (Heuchera cvs.) should be trimmed to the base. 

Similar to pruning, pinching is the act of removing soft plant growth from the growing tips for the stimulation of dormant buds that will produce future leaves and stems.

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