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30 fail-safe garden picks

From statement-making annuals to shade-loving perennials, Frankie Flowers shares his garden-worthy picks

Cold-tolerant annuals
Looking to start the season early? Going through colour withdrawl? These annuals are my absolute favourites for adding some colour in early spring when Jack Frost still looms in the air but signs of new life are everywhere. While annuals like these can take a light frost on really chilly evenings, I still recommend covering or bringing them indoors overnight to ensure peak garden performance.

My top 5

11. Snapdragons (Antirrhinum cvs.)

12. Pinks (Dianthus cvs.)

13. Dusty Miller (Senecio cineraria cvs.)

14. Osteospermum cultivars

15. Panola Series Pansies (Viola cvs.)  

Star plant: I love showing kids why snapdragons are called snapdragons! I pinch the sides to open and close the mouth, adding in a roar, so the kids keep coming back for more.

Edibles for containers
No space? No problem. With just a pot, you can grow a whole bevvy of produce on your deck all season long. Just be careful to select plants that fit the pot and won’t outgrow the space. 

My top 5

16. Bright Lights Swiss Chard

17. ‘Early Girl’ tomatoes

18. ‘Little Fingers’ eggplants

19. Mesclun mix lettuce 

20. ‘Sugary’ cherry tomatoes

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