How to - Gardening Basics

Autumn gardening essentials

Everything you need to know about fall tasks, from putting the garden to bed to tools of the trade

Fall gardening tasks

Fall gardening checklist
Get through your important autumn to-dos with this handy guide

Prep your pots for winter
Tips and tricks to ensure your pots survive the cold winds of winter

Blanket your garden in a cosy winter mulch
Protect your plants from winter's harsh weather with a layer of mulch

Tuck in your garden tools
Clean up your hand tools before putting them to bed for the winter

Collecting flower seeds
How to make more plants for less money

Tips for overwintering container plants
How to save your plants for next season

Fall gardening tips
Advice on autumn tasks and weathering winter

16 essential fall garden tasks

Here are some fall dos and don'ts, plus tips to help your garden get a jump-start on spring

Overwintering succulents
Keep your hens and chicks growing over winter months by moving them indoors

Boost your garden bounty

Renovate your garden beds now for abundant blooms next year

Fall in the garden

Bulb-planting resources and advice
Get your bulbs in the ground before winter

Vines and creepers for fall interest

Round out the season with a colourful flourish of groundcovers and climbers

A harvest of hues
Great plants for late-season colour in the fall garden

Bittersweet berries for fall
Properly sited, this exuberant vine brings privacy, shade and welcome fall colour to the garden

Kids and fall leaves
Have fun with autumn's colourful treasures and these activities

Video: Planting tips for spring bulbs
Learn how to create the perfect growing environment for spring blooms

How to deter freeloading squirrels
Keep critters from eating your bulbs with these handy tips and tricks

Tools of the trade

Hand warmers
These cold-weather gardening gloves will keep hands toasty during fall chores

Garden resources

Do you have fall gardening questions? Ask them here!

Fall gardening events
See what’s going on across the country

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