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The top eight gardening trends for 2010

The hottest trends on our radar for 2010

5. The huge boulders and rocks (often quarried and transported from thousands of kilometres away) that have characterized so many high-end, landscape-architect-designed gardens over the past two decades are replaced in favour of substantial shrubs and trees. Living plant material is in; the Flintstone's "Bedrock look" is out.

6. Gardeners across the country continue to take water conservation more seriously. Rain barrels at the base of every downspout become the new norm. Growing drought-tolerant native plants and using deep mulches to help store water within the soil profile become absolutely essential in many areas where the erratic weather patterns associated with climate change have interrupted normal rainfall.

7. Growing your own organically produced fruit, vegetables, herbs and edible flowers is at the top of every gardener's to-do list. Wherever there's sufficient sun, small vegetable plots, mini-orchards and large containers bursting with produce will elbow out displays that traditionally would have been purely ornamental.

8. Buying garden tools (secateurs, trowels, spades), and equipment (rubber hoses, lawnmowers, wheelbarrows) that will last for many years rather than just a few seasons becomes part of the overall shift toward eliminating cheaply manufactured rubbish. Quality gardening tools, such as those made by Felco, Sneeboer and Fiskars, cost more initially, but they provide better value for your dollar in the long run, they're a pleasure to use and they won't end up in landfills.


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