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Grower profile: Toronto Flower Market

Growers and florists from the Toronto Flower Market share their favourite local flowers and helpful tips.

The Toronto Flower Market is a great place to find fresh local flowers and plants. To celebrate the opening of this year's flower market we've gathered a few of the market's growers and partners to share their favourite local blooms of the season.

Photography by The Toronto Flower Market

Gerbera flower: Bryan Van Geest, Van Geest Bros. Limited
"My favourite flower would be the cut gerberas. We have been growing gerbera for more than 20 years now. The colour of the gerbera is what I love about them. You can get them in most colours and they are so bright. It brings such joy to give a bunch of flowers to people and see their smile."

"Growing cut gerbera is challenging but rewarding. We grow our flowers using biological bugs to control the pest. This means that you are growing flowers but also good bugs. The crop of a cut flower gerbera is in the greenhouse for 3 years. We grow the plant in cocco fiber and reuse all our water."

Bryans tip: Gerbera's are so simple yet so beautiful. Use them in a bouquet as a gift or in a vase to dress up any space.

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