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Grower profile: Toronto Flower Market

Growers and florists from the Toronto Flower Market share their favourite local flowers and helpful tips.

Photography by Summer Song Farm

Dahlias: Leah Sanders, Summer Song Farm
"Dahlias are the bloom of choice at Wild Lark Studio, our new Toronto floral design business that prides itself on farm-to-vase stems for fresh, colourful bouquets. They’re perfect for weddings, and are a definite staple on the farm (near Port Hope, Ontario), where we love to be able to get our hands dirty tending to 200 varieties of dahlias and other cut flowers. We do admit we’re a little obsessed with dahlias, no other flower has so much variety of colour, shape, texture and size - and they last well, too!"

Leah's tip: As any hobby gardener knows, dahlias have a down side. They’re very labour intensive. You have to start them early indoors and in the fall, digging up the tubers for storage. The payback, however, is nothing short of sensational!

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