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Grower profile: Toronto Flower Market

Growers and florists from the Toronto Flower Market share their favourite local flowers and helpful tips.

Photography by The Toronto Flower Market

Tulips: Mieke Spruit, Pioneer Flower Farm

"This is a tough one, as we have a lot of favourite flowers. If I had to pick one for the spring it would be tulips. I love working in the yard year-round, with the bulbs you will need to plant in the fall and in the spring they pop up. They are low maintenance and look good in the spring when you need to add some colour to your yard. In terms of landscaping, what we do is plant all our bulb flowers about 12-14 inches in the ground so that in the spring we can plant annuals on top after the bulb varieties have bloomed."

Mieke's tip: The biggest thing you have to think about with using the bulbs is to make sure they dried off completely before taking off the leaves off.

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