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Grower profile: Toronto Flower Market

Growers and florists from the Toronto Flower Market share their favourite local flowers and helpful tips.

Photography by Rebecca Wood

Peonies: Alex Cole, Patchouli Design
"My favourite local flower is the peony. They are available locally for such a short window in the spring, where I take full opportunity and use them seemingly in everything I can! Because of their scale, just one can be used in an arrangement as a focal point. Alternately, an old vase or cup from your kitchen cupboard filled with peonies is the most simple and decadent thing, and will make you stop every time you pass it in your home. They come in white, and virtually every scale of pink and coral, however my favorite are the deep burgundy."
Alex's tip: I don't personally have a garden, but I love walking through my neighbourhood in the summer and seeing the peonies; so heavy and open, reaching to the ground. It's a great way to see beautiful flowers!

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