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Grower profile: Toronto Flower Market

Growers and florists from the Toronto Flower Market share their favourite local flowers and helpful tips.

Photography by The Toronto Flower Market

Peonies: Joanne Feddes, La Primavera Farms
"My favourite flowers to work with in the spring are peonies and lady’s mantle. I love the contrast of the pinks with the lime green, the delicate bells on the lady’s mantle with the colour bomb of the double pink peony. Not only does the colour combo work well together, but they store well in a cooler and dress up a table for an lasting impression."

Joanne's tip: Peonies can actually be held dry in your fridge wrapped in newspaper after picking, to use at a later date if your lady’s mantle isn’t blooming yet, or if you have an event in a few weeks, but the peonies are blooming now.

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