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Forcing paperwhites is child's play

Paperwhites are the perfect winter indoor growing project for kids -- and parents!

Add water to base of bulbs and maintain water at this level. Don't submerge bulbs; they may rot. Keep water topped up, and when roots have grown to about 2.5 cm (an inch), keep water 6 mm (1/2-inch) below base of bulbs. Place bulbs in a cool (5° to 10°C or 45 to 50°F) dark place for about two weeks. Warmer temperatures stimulate stem growth at the expense of root growth, and heavy flowers will topple the plant over. Strong roots appear within a matter of days. When shoots appear, move to a cool, sunny spot, 15 to 20°C (60 to 68°F).

After blooming begins, you can prolong the blooming period by placing the container in the refrigerator overnight, or in a chilly room. Discard the bulbs after blooming. Forced bulbs can seldom be forced successfully again; they've expended too much energy to recover.

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