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The lowdown on easy-care lawns

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Cut down on mowing with these easy-care lawn tips

Converting an existing lawn
You can convert an established Kentucky bluegrass lawn to a low-maintenance one by top-dressing annually with the new easy-care turfgrass mixes over a period of three or four years. Begin with a two- to three-centimetre layer of good-quality topsoil, then over-seed with the low-maintenance mix. Keep well-watered until germination occurs.

If your present lawn is in truly poor shape, rent a sod-cutter to remove the top five to eight centimetres of lawn and weeds, then start from scratch (see Getting started for tips).

When grass blades reach 10 centimetres tall, mow to eight centimetres—you’ll likely need to do so no more than once every two to three weeks.

Alternatively, cut grass monthly or even every two months for a meadow-like effect. Don’t mow at all (and don’t water either) during periods of drought—just let the lawn go dormant; it will green up again when the rains return.

Leave grass clippings in place. That’s all the fertilizer you’ll need to keep your new lawn green and healthy.

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