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Daniela Payne

When it comes to gardening, is your gardening as green as your lawn? Take our part one of our two-part quiz and see how eco-friendly you are!

Many leading brands of bug spray contain DEET - a strong chemical that is known to repel pesky mosquitoes. Not only do some argue that DEET is an environmental contaminant, but also a skin and eye irritant. Although anything with less than 30 per cent DEET is hardly harmful (in moderation), try repelling bugs the natural way. If you picked C, you’re off to a great start.

The oil on a catnip plant is highly effective in repelling mosquitoes. Rosemary has the same effect, and you can also use it to spruce up your cooking. Move it inside in the winter to continue nurturing it. You can also give citronella grass and marigolds a try.

Don’t forget to place a cover on your rainwater barrels and make sure whatever else collects water (cans, buckets and barrels, pot saucers) gets emptied frequently – a haven for mosquito larvae.

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