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Are you an eco-conscious gardener?

Daniela Payne

When it comes to gardening, is your gardening as green as your lawn? Take our part one of our two-part quiz and see how eco-friendly you are!

Fellow Canadians, we are already the second highest users of water IN THE WORLD. And in the summer months, our water consumption increases by 50 per cent. If you chose answer C, you are definitely eco-savvy when it comes to watering. But if you chose anything else you, like many others, need a little bit of guidance.

Top watering tips:

  • Water in the early morning! When the sun is beaming down on those plants and lawn at midday, the water will evaporate quickly.
  • Think about water conservation when planning your garden. Place the plants that require more water together so you can water one area when these plants are thirsty, as opposed to the entire garden. Also, plant these guzzlers in areas that are prone to water run-off from those little slopes in your garden. 
  • Have your downspout connected to a rain barrel. It will collect rainwater and you will have an endless source of water for your garden. 
  • Surround your plants a layer of mulch to help the soil retain moisture.

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