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Brew a batch of compost tea

Nourish your plants with this homemade, eco-friendly fertilizer

Feeding your plants compost tea

The nutrients in compost tea are absorbed instantly by plants. Like all liquid fertilizers, compost tea can be washed away quickly by rain, so frequent applications are recommended – you can’t overdose your garden. If you’re using it as a foliar spray, apply the tea when you first notice the onset of the disease, and reapply it in two weeks and then again two weeks later. Make sure you monitor plants to determine if they need more microorganisms to help fight the disease afterwards. To control damping off, apply the compost tea to the soil before you plant seedlings.

If you’re not quite ambitious enough to try brewing your own, there are many garden centres and nurseries across the country that sell buckets of freshly brewed compost tea. Compost tea kits are also available that include a brewing bucket and everything you need to make your own batch.

Anja Sonnenberg is a horticulturist who writes about the fun she has in her garden on her blog, A Gardener’s Playground.


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