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Green resources

A compendium of books and websites for the earth-friendly gardener.

Pest & invasive plant watch

Garden Bugs of Alberta (British Columbia and Ontario also available): Gardening to Attract, Repel and Control by Doug Macaulay, Ken Fry & Don Williamson, Lone Pine Publishing, 224 pages, paper, $21.95.

Invasive Plants: Guide to Identification and the Impacts and Control of Common North American Species
by Sylvan Ramsey Kaufman & Wallace Kaufman, Stackpole Books, 458 pages, paper, $43.95.


Seeds of Diversity

Seeds: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Sucessfully from Seed
by Jekka McVicar, Kyle Cathie Ltd., 256 pages, softcover, $34.95.

Shrubs and trees

Growing Trees from Seed: A Practical Guide to Growing Native Trees, Vines and Shrubs
by Henry Kock, Paul Aird and John Ambrose, Firefly Books, 280 pages, hardcover, $45.

Wildlife gardens

Attract Backyard Garden Wildlife

National Wildlife Federation: Create a Certified Wildlife Habitat

Welcoming Wildlife to the Garden: Creating Backyard & Balcony Habitats for Wildlife
by Catherine J. Johnson, Susan McDiarmid & Edward R. Turner, Hartley & Marks, 224 pages, paper, $29.95.

Wild About Gardening: Canadian Wildlife Federation

The Wildlife Gardener's Guide
by Janet Marinelli, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, 120 pages, paper, $10.95.

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