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How green is your thumb?

When it comes to gardening, are your habits eco-friendly? Take part two of our eco-quiz to find out!

If you picked A then you’re familiar with the benefits of composting.

It’s easy to throw your organic waste into your garbage bin without thinking about the landfill sites your garbage is taken to. But it’s just as easy to keep it in a bin in the fridge (to keep the smell under control) and walk it out to your compost pile daily, or even just a few times a week.

Compost makes your soil healthy, helps it stay moist, and keeps your garden cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You can dig it into your soil in the spring and generously sprinkle it over your garden in the summer. Need more convincing? Compost acts as a natural fertilizer, reducing your dependency on chemical-based ones.

Contact your municipality to see about getting a compost bin, or if you’d like a little challenge you can always build your own.

New to composting? Check out Environment Canada’s tips.

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