How to - Organic Gardening

The best ways to water

Stephen Westcott-Gratton

Efficient irrigation techniques can make all the difference to your plants—and the planet

Be a water miser

1 Install a rain barrel to capture water from

2 Control weeds, which compete with garden plants for moisture.

3 Mulch to slow evaporation from the soil, cool the surface and discourage weeds.

4 Repair any leaks in couplings, hoses and sprinklers.

5 Grow drought-tolerant plants native to your region, and group those with similar watering requirements.

6 Recycle water from dehumidifiers, air conditioners and household grey water.

7 Position sprinkler heads to reach target plants and avoid paved areas.

8 Add organic matter such as compost and shredded leaves to improve texture and the water-holding capacity of all soils.

9 Stop watering when runoff occurs.

10 Invest in rain sensors and moisture meters for watering systems.

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