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The top 10 unwanted garden plants

Anja Sonnenberg
Photography by
Anja Sonnenberg

Keep an eye out for these invasive plants that can be wild and aggressive in your garden


8. Garlic mustard (Alliara petiolata)
Also known as Jack-in-the-bush, sauce-alone, hedge garlic and poor man’s mustard, garlic mustard is a shade-tolerant biannual that can be found thriving in woodlands and along river banks. This plant was first introduced as a culinary herb in the 1860s from Europe. Considered the ”purple loosestrife” of woodlands, garlic mustard steals light, moisture and nutrients from other native plants. Its aggressive, rapid growth allows it to form a dense carpet of foliage, blocking light from other low-growing plants, including tree seedlings. Although it hasn’t been a garden plant for a very long time, garlic mustard is starting to reinvade gardens and backyards. Many gardeners across Canada are trying to control the plant’s invasion on their properties by pulling out the plant with its roots intact.

Photo by Sannse.


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