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Beat the heat with creative shade solutions

Karen Kirk
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Roger Yip

Provide shelter in the garden from the hot summer sun with these cool ideas

Market umbrella how-to
Here’s how to stencil a plain market umbrella yourself:

Step 1: Use acrylic craft paints with a stencil brush or foam roller. Remove cover from umbrella frame. Prewashing is only recommended if you plan to wash the cover after stencilling.

Step 2: Cut a large piece of cardboard slightly larger than the size of the stencil and spray one side with a coat of stencil adhesive.

Step 3: Lay the fabric on the cardboard and press flat to secure while painting, working on one section at a time. 

Step 4: Spray adhesive onto the back of the stencil; press into position on fabric.

Step 5: Load applicator evenly with paint, removing any excess by brushing or rolling onto paper towel until the applicator feels dry.

Step 6: Build up colour gradually for a crisp outline. Remove and reposition stencil as desired to repeat the pattern.

Step 7: Spray the cover with a fabric protector that repels water and dirt and protects against sun damage.

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