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Build a customized potting station

Lorraine Flanigan
Photography by
Roger Yip

Visit your nearest big box store for budget-friendly storage ideas

Pro tips:

  • For a cohesive look, choose one colour scheme and stick to it (spray paint all components to match).
  • Do it yourself when you can, but enlist an extra pair of hands when you need it,e.g., installing shelves.
  • Use your imagination—from a gardener’s perspective, a pot lid holder can make a terrific glove rack, and a Lazy Susan a moveable potting surface.

Lorraine's project list:

Broder shelving system, Ikea  $126.50
Trofast storage system, Ikea$69
Kitchen canisters, Ikea$4.99 (3)
Rationell pot lid holder, Ikea$4.99
Lazy Susan, Linens 'n Things$29.99
Clip, Linens 'n Things$1.79
Metal reinforcement grid, Home Depot  $10.97
Wire basket CD holder, Home Depot$10.65
S-hooks, Home Depot$3.66

Recycling stacking bins, Solutions

$12.99 each (2)
Wire cutlery tray, Solutions$7.99
Bag clips, Solutions
$5.99 each (2)
Mini dustpan set, Solutions
Slim Swing garbage bin, Solutions
Metal scoops, Solutions$5.99 each (2)

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