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Grow lights provide essential light that some seeds need to germinate. Whether you're starting off small or trying to rival your local nursery, there are models available to fit your space and your budget. Here are three styles to help bring the sun indoors.

If you're starting off with just a few seeds, a full-spectrum, compact, fluorescent light is your best bet. This model (above), available through Urban Gardening Essentials, is energy-efficient and easy on the wallet. Its standard-sized base means you can use an existing light fixture or purchase any inexpensive fixture you please.

For more ambitious seed projects, Hydrofarm's Green Thumb Light System takes full-spectrum fluorescent technology to the next level. A one-touch height adjustment makes controlling light intensity a breeze. Available in either two- or four-foot-wide units, this system includes an aluminum stand, light fixture and two fluorescent tubes.

Floralight's three-tier system can accommodate thousands of seeds and
up to 240 pots that are 10 centimetres wide. It has extra-wide reflectors that evenly distribute light, and waterproof garden trays that allow for easy bottom watering. The system includes six Ultra Gold full-spectrum fluorescent tubes, which emit both blue (for vegetative) and red (for flowering) light spectrums.
-Nancy Won

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