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Jump-start seeds with gelatin

Try this technique that's popular in the Prairies to sow your seeds

Planting your seeds
  • The next morning, sprinkle seeds liberally over the surface of the set gelatin, and press gently with your hand until the seeds are just below the surface.
  • Place containers under fluorescent lights that almost touch the coverings. This will keep seeds at a comfortable 15ºC while they germinate.
  • If mould develops on the gelatin before the seeds germinate, spray with a 10 per cent solution of bleach and water; if seedlings have emerged, use a 10 per cent solution of lemon juice or vinegar and water.
  • When seedlings reach 2.5 centimetres, remove the covering and raise the lights to 2.5 centimetres above the plants.

In about three weeks, most seedlings will be eight centimetres tall and ready to be transplanted into individual pots or cell-packs, and placed in cold frames for hardening off. Slip the seedlings out of the gelatin with your fingertips—any residual mix on the plants won’t harm the transplants.

Photo: modesigns58/istock


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