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    Fall/Winter 2014

    September 2014
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    The design issue; how to plant a fab fall container; gardens that make an impact; tropical-inspired garden in p.e.i; timeless classic rose of sharon; how to propagate houseplants and much more! more

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    How seed savvy are you?

    Anja Sonnenberg

    Seeds come in hundreds of different shapes and sizes, but they all have the same purpose—to reproduce. Whether you buy your seeds or collect them from the garden, there are a few tips and trick to ensure they germinate successfully after you've sown them. Take our quiz and test your seed knowledge.

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    What is your most beloved spring flower?

    Poll: What is your most beloved spring flower?
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    Great Expectations

    Erin McLaughlin

    It’s hard to be a gardener when you’re a perfectionist. Mother Nature has a tendency to play by her own mysterious rules, and plants, of course, rely on her largesse. The result is that despite certain predictabilities we’re never entirely sure what we’re going to get from season to season – that’s even more the case after a difficult winter, spring and summer like the ones we experienced this year. As I get ready to put my garden to bed until 2015, I’m reminded that for a gardener there’s always another season, another year to come – and to look beyond the proverbial forest and see not just the trees, but the leaves, buds and blooms as well.

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