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How to divide hostas

Karen York
Photography by
Cybèle Young (illustration)

Separate big clumps to create new plants for other areas of the garden

divide-hostas-diagram.jpgIt’s hard to have too many hostas, and dividing them every three or four years is a simple way to increase your stock—and they’ll be happier, too. Divide hostas in early spring, when their snouts are a couple of inches out of the soil. Spade around the clump to loosen the soil and pry up the root ball with a garden fork. For a large clump, set it on the ground and, using a clean sharp spade, chop it vertically into half, then quarters, and even smaller if it’s a giant one. Each piece should have some roots and at least two or three snouts. Set medium-sized clumps in a wheelbarrow and slice them into chunks with a sharp knife. For smaller hostas, rinse off the soil and pull them apart with your fingers. Plant the divisions right away in moist, fertile soil and keep them well-watered.

Image: Ingrid Maasik/istock


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