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Bert Klassen

How to take stunning garden pictures

• The last few hours before sundown can provide nice light (similar to morning), though on hot days plants may look a bit tired or wilted.

• Take the time to walk around your garden and choose the angles that will best tell its story. When you look through your lens, think of each image as a painting and move your camera around to find the best view. Once you have created a pleasing composition, steady the camera and gently press the shutter button.

• Overall shots can be taken from your patio or perhaps an upstairs window.

• Climb in behind plantings and shoot out into the garden.

• Include your house in some shots but position yourself carefully to avoid your neighbour's white vinyl siding or other distractions.

• Get on your knees and try some low angles.

• Lawns tend to loom large (and are not that dramatic). Crop out some of the lawn by pointing your camera higher, moving in closer or including something in the foreground to break up its expanse [snown next page].

• Gardens are interesting in every season-even after a snowfall.

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